You are assigned to manage a project. Now what?

There are several steps you can take to ensure you get the best possible results from yourself, your team and your project. To be a successful project manager you must always keep your budget, timelines, resources and goals in your mind.  Doing this will help you to achieve a well-run, organized project with – most importantly – great results.

Here are some tips to help you form a clear vision of how to manage your project:

Estimate project costs with the budget in mind– It is always a good idea to have a contingency budget if you suspect prices may not be concrete.

Outline your aims, objectives and goals – This will give you and your team a clearer picture of what you wish to achieve.

Tasks to be performed and order of priority – A priority list will help to separate the critical tasks from the tasks that allow more flexibility.

Time schedule for each task and completion – Giving each task a time schedule will help in your monitoring of the projects progress.

Resources needed – Making sure you have a list of resources you need and how/who is to supply these resources will maximize your chances of running a smooth project.

Allocate jobs and teams – Selecting specific staff with the relevant skill set for each task is one of the most important elements to building your team.

Communication – Talking with your team is very important, not only to monitor their progress but to encourage and support your team as well. Communicating and answering any questions your team has, takes time but will result in having a team which clearly know their roles.

Monitor and track – Keep an eye on how the progress is going in each area. It is useful to have a progress report from each team task leader. Keep your project on track by monitoring any problems and making the relevant adjustments.

Risk Management – It’s handy to compile a list of possible risks that you may encounter. This will help you to better prepare for and resolve possible problems. Continuously reviewing risks as the project develops is also a good idea.

Managing a project may seem daunting in the beginning but through proper preparation and planning, you will greatly reduce the risks of your project failing.

Being a successful project manager and managing your project step by step can be one of the most rewarding roles. The best project managers know that their success relies on their team.







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