It’s that time of year again… People are taking vacations, heading on Spring Break with their families, or calling in sick from those lovely Indiana springtime allergies. How do you handle your social media strategy with those key 1 or 2 people out of the office? Do you have enough resources to fill in the gap? It can be difficult in small businesses to find a way to bridge this gap especially if only 1 or 2 individuals run all your social media. For one, there’s a lot to learn for someone who may just be stepping into the role for a short amount of time. For another, having someone else step in may disrupt the consistency or the voice of your regular social media efforts. If you know that your ‘social media guru’ will be out of the office you can fill the gap in a few different ways.

  1. Schedule posts. People schedule posts throughout the day anyway, so why not have your social media posts schedule for the entire time that people will be out of the office? At eimagine we use Hootsuite for scheduling, but there are many other options that can help if you know someone will be out ahead of time. If no warning of absence is given, then consider adjusting your strategy to always schedule posts a day ahead. That way if someone is out at the last minute, you aren’t silent for a whole day!
  2. Notify your followers. There’s no reason you can’t have someone else step in, but letting your followers know who is posting can help. This way if tweets become more infrequent, your social media voice changes from informative to being humorous, or posts start focusing more heavily on certain topics than they normally do, your followers will know why.
  3. At the very least, do the bare minimum – REPLY. If you are known to have high interaction with your followers and you consistently answer questions, thank followers, or have any other dialog it is key to continue these communications. Even if you don’t have any other type of posts, just a simple reply like “We’re working on your problem/question and will get back with you soon!” is better than nothing. This will buy you a day or two of time until the social media person can then answer the questions or interact with the followers. Happy Spring! Look for my next blog on ways to travel and tweet – for those of you who are out of the office or travelling for business and are still responsible for social media.

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