During the year, you will be presented with decisions – literally hundreds of thousands of them.  And with every decision presented, there will be a choice. Some decisions lend themselves to quick, easy choices.  Some decisions require hours of deliberation, uncomfortable conversations, and uneasiness before a choice is made.

As a company, eimagine has made the choice to become a hybrid consulting company. The decision presented to us was to continue down the road of being a service based company, or to change direction and go down a new road of being a products and services based company. We chose products and services – a hybrid company.  This decision was a difficult one.  We are venturing into areas where we have limited success and past experience.  We are challenging ourselves to evolve and risk losing what we’ve always done to become what we want to be – a product oriented service based company that positively impacts our customer’s success.

This year, decisions will be presented to you and you will need to make choices.  These choices will shape your career, your personal life, and ultimately your success.  I encourage you to take ownership in your choices and choose to be a better you.  Challenge yourself; don’t shy away from the tough decisions – embrace the opportunity and make the right choice.

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