Recently, one of our clients was having an issue with ownership of Notes changing unexpectedly. This was causing them to lose important historical information about which employee was attaching notes and images to their records.

Basically, if I attached Notes to a record:

Note Ownership Before

Then someone else assigned the record to themselves, I would lose the easy, obvious, visible record of when the Note was attached to the record, and by whom:

Note Ownership After

Ultimately, I found that this was the default behavior on Assign for Notes. By default, records have a “Parental” relationship with their Notes. This is easy enough to change. Find the entity that you want to change the behavior of the Notes for, and go to the 1:N relationships:

Note Relationship

Open up the record and change the Relationship Behavior to “Configurable Cascading” and change the Assign behavior to “Cascade None.” That will keep the record assignment from cascading down to the Note, and preserve your historical record.

Note Assign Behavior


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