Has your company ever needed to send a personalized email or newsletter to several customers or employees at one time?  Sending individual emails would take forever! Using the BCC field to send the emails is impersonal and could cause your emails to get blocked, especially if you send an email to too many people at once. You should use the CRM Mail Merge feature to use your already stored contact info to send personalized emails with little effort.

  1. Create a Marketing List or Use an existing Marketing list. I am using an existing marketing list called ETG Employees.
  2. Double click the Marketing List to open the Details dialog box.
  3. Click on Marketing List Members to view all of the members in the marketing list.
  4.  Click the Mail Merge Icon () to start the Mail Merge.
  5. Select the mail merge type: E-mail.
  6. Start with a: Blank document.
  7. Select data fields: click the Data Fields button
  8. Verify that all of the Data Fields that you need to access in your email are selected. We will use Salutation, Email, First Name, Last Name, and Job Title.  Click OK once you have selected the checkbox in front of the fields that you need.
  9. Click OK again to launch the Microsoft Word download file.
  10. Save the Word file on your desktop and double click to open.
  11. Click the Enable Editing button and then the Enable Contentbutton.
  12. On the Add-Ins tab click the CRM button.
  13. A Mail Merge Recipients dialog box should display.  Verify that the checkboxes are selected for the users you wish to send an email to and the OK button.
  14. The Mail Merge Wizard should open up in the panel on the right hand side.
  15. On Step 4 of the Wizard, click the Greeting Linelink.
    1. Select the greeting or type in your own in the dropdown box. I typed in “Hello ”.
    2. Select the format of the greeting and whether you want a “,” or “:” after the greeting.
    3. You can also preview the greetings by clicking the right and left arrows under preview to see the greetings for all of your contacts.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Your document should now display: «GreetingLine».
  16. Continue typing your email message. You can even paste in images. Use the More items… link in the Wizard to add other fields from CRM to your email message. Here is an example of what it may look like when you are done:
    You are the best «Job_Title»!
  17. In the Wizard click the Next: Preview your e-mail messages link. Click the  << or >> buttons to preview each email.
  18. Click Next Complete the Merge Link. This will send out all of your customized emails through Outlook.



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