One of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is the ability to have “Quick Create” forms for records. This offers a fast and easy way to enter required or important fields without having to navigate a full-page record. Previously, this type of thing was often accomplished using a slightly clunky CRM 2011 dialog process. Using Quick Create forms is a much more elegant solution. But there’s a big drawback: Quick Create forms aren’t allowed for Activities.Activities in CRM (Tasks, Faxes, Phone Calls, Emails, Letters, Appointments, etc.) are commonly entered into CRM, and could really benefit from Quick Create forms. However, statuses for Activities can be a little tricky (is the Appointment Open, Scheduled or Completed?) and they also use Party Lists which make them slightly more complicated than other entities. For those reasons, I suspect Microsoft disabled Quick Create purposely. The good news is you can get around this because Quick Create is allowed for custom Activity entities!

Here’s how to get around it using an example for a Quick Create Phone Call:

  1. Create a new custom Activity entity called “Quick Phone Call”
  2. Add fields you want to use in your Quick Create form: Date, From, To, Subject, Description, etc. Add an optionset to select status (Open or Completed)
  3. Create a Quick Create form for your custom entity, and add the relevant fields
  4. Create a Real Time Workflow Process that creates a new Phone Call activity using the detail from the record, and have it fire on Creation of a Quick Phone Call record
  5. Use a little logic in the workflow to set the newly created Phone Call’s status based on the dropdown after completion
  6. Publish your changes, and enjoy your Quick Create Phone Call!

Have multiple Activities you want to Quick Create? Just repeat the steps above. Or, better yet, create a master “Quick Activity” entity and use an optionset to select the type of Activity to create. It’s not perfect, but it works in a pinch! Which Activities do you plan to enable for Quick Create?

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