After upgrading from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013, you might notice that for some reason, the Email Configuration tab is gone from the Settings Ribbon. Usually you can just navigate from Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Email Configuration, but after the upgrade it’s gone while a brand-new organization in the same Deployment has the tab. What gives?

CRM 2013 Email Configuration Ribbon

Basically, what happens when you upgrade is that CRM keeps the sitemap for the CRM 2011 organization.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get back. All you need to do is reapply the CRM 2013 sitemap.

1.)  First, create a new Solution in CRM.

a.  Go to Settings > Solutions in the affected organization. Select New, then select a Display Name, Publisher and enter a Version. These fields can be anything you want, and usually just the Default Publisher is fine.

b.  Go to Client Extensions, click Add New, then choose Sitemap and add it.

Adding a Sitemap Solution

Note: If you’re prompted to add required components, go ahead and do so.

c.  After that, Save and Close the Solution, then Publish All Customizations.

2.)  Export the Solution and Edit to include the Sitemap.

a.  Next, you’ll need to Export the Solution as an Unmanaged Solution. Select the Solution you just created, choose Export, and follow the wizard.

b.  After you’ve saved the .zip file, open it and look for a customizations.xml file. Open it in Notepad or Notepad++. (Note: You may have to extract everything from the .zip file before editing.)

c.  In the customizations.xml file, look for this code:

Create a new line after this one at the same indentation level, and add this line of code:

d.  Save the customizations.xml file, then create a new .zip of the Solution files, including this one. Make sure they are at the same file structure as the original .zip file.

3.)  Import the Solution.

a.  Go back to your CRM Solutions area, and click the Import button. Navigate to where you saved the new .zip and Import it as an Unmanaged Solution, then Publish All Customizations.

4.)  Refresh the window, and you’re done!

You may have to log out CRM and then log back in, but when you do the Email Configuration tab has shown back up where it belongs!

Happy configuring!

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