Recently, we did a deployment of CRM 2011 to a client’s server. Brand-new Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine, fresh install of CRM 2011 – everything seemed to go smoothly, no hiccups.

Until, that was, we actually logged in to test….

There was an error with this field’s customized event
Field: window
Event: onload
Error: object doesn’t support property or method ‘Form load’

This made no sense to us, because it wasn’t customized, it was a fresh install. And on top of it, this error happened whenever we clicked on pretty much anything in CRM. And this wasn’t limited to just one CRM Organization, it was all of them.

After a little bit of research, we discovered that IIS on the CRM server was missing a module called the Microsoft URL Rewrite module.

Essentially, when a Web Resource is requested from the CRM server, a URL is built dynamically, and CRM uses this component to do that in conjunction with a rule inside the CRM IIS website in the URL Rewrite section (called WebResourcesRule). Generally, this component gets installed with IIS and CRM; however, in some circumstances it does not get loaded fully during install and this error can happen. There are several things you can check:

1.)   Log into your CRM App Server and load the IIS console (Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager).

2.)   Select the CRM website, and double-click on the Modules option.

CRM form 2011 errors 1

3.)   Make sure that the RewriteModule is listed here, and is associated with the DLL as shown below.

CRM form 2011 errors 2

4.)   In our case, this was missing! In order to add it, you have to go to the top-level site (the IIS server) and add it there.

CRM form 2011 errors 3

5.)   Click on Configure Native Modules, then the Register button. For the name enter RewriteModule, and for the Path enter the dll path.

CRM form 2011 errors 4

6.)   Go back to your CRM website Modules, click on Configure Native Modules, and pick the one you just entered.

Once we did that and restarted IIS, it worked just fine!

If that doesn’t work for you, there are other things you can check:

a.)   Select the CRM website, double-click the URL Rewrite module, and verify that the following rules exist: ClientGlobalContextRule, WebResourcesRule, FederationMetadataRule. If one of all of them do not appear, then make sure Kernel-mode Authentication is enabled (in IIS, select the CRM website, double-click the Authentication module, Select “Windows Authentication”, click on Advanced Settings in the right-hand Actions pane, and confirm that “Enable Kernel-mode Authentication” is checked).

b.)   Repair or Reinstall the URL Rewrite Module. It can be found within the CRM 2011 Server installation media disk, in a folder called URLRewriteModule. You will need to reboot the CRM server after install.

For more information on the URL Rewrite module, you can visit the IIS.Net webpage for details and downloads here!


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