If you’re familiar with the marketing features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’re probably have spent a lot of time creating and maintaining Marketing Lists. But did you know you can save some time by building Sub-Marketing Lists, which are lists based on other Marketing Lists?

Here’s a scenario: There is a static Marketing List called “Key Customers” which your Director of Sales manages by adding and removing Account List Members regularly. You have been tasked with holding a customer workshop and are in charge of inviting customers from that list, but only those that are located in your home state. Furthermore, this will be an event you host quarterly.

The traditional way to do this is to use the Copy Marketing List feature. You can create a copy the Marketing List, then pare it down manually using Manage Members. The downside is you will have to do this every quarter to create an up-to-date list since the original list changes so often. And since it’s a manual process, there’s room for error! You don’t want to accidentally invite (or fail to invite) appropriate customers!

An alternative approach is to create what I call a “Sub-Marketing List.” This is a second, dynamic Marketing List that references the “Key Customers” list so it is always up to date based on the live, original list. For you, that means easy maintenance and less room for error each quarter! You can simply utilize your dynamic Marketing List without any manual preparation or paring down.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Make sure you’ve already got a Key Customers static Marketing List created so you can reference it
  2. Navigate to CRM > Marketing > Marketing Lists
  3. Add a New Marketing List called “Workshop Invitees”
  4. Select a List Type of Dynamic, and target it at Accounts (same entity used in “Key Customers”)
  5. Click Manage Members, and enter the following criteria:

Sub-Marketing List Critieria


Your new dynamic Marketing List will reference only the Accounts listed in “Key Customers,” and it will pare it down to only those located in Indiana. Now you can simply re-use this list each quarter to invite the appropriate customers to the workshop. When the Director of Sales makes changes to the original list, the Accounts will filter down automatically to your Sub-Marketing List whenever you utilize it.



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