At some point you may need to create a survey to collect feedback from your clients or colleagues. Surveys are a great tool to get a better insight into the information you require and gather valuable feedback.

Within SharePoint, you can create various types of surveys depending on what information you are hoping to receive. You can choose to have drop down options, multiple choice questions and ratings, or to receive more detailed responses by allowing participants to respond in their own words, although this option will require more analysis work.

Once you have decided on what type of survey will suit your needs, you can create it and begin to add questions to it immediately.

Here is how to create a survey within SharePoint:

Note: to create a survey you must have the correct permissions on the site you wish to create the survey on.

Click Settings, then click Add an app.

 add and app

Locate and click the Survey icon on your apps page.

Click Advanced Options.

Name your survey.

Type a description of your survey in the Description box (this is optional but may help).

In Survey Options, select if you would like people’s names to appear with their responses, although there is no true way to remain anonymous as administrators have the ability to track the identity of all respondents.

In Survey Options you can also choose if people can respond multiple times to the survey or not.

Click Next.

In the New Question page type your question and select the type of answer you want to be enabled – e.g multiple choice, single line of text, etc.

 line of text

In Additional Question Settings you can set more options for how you would like to receive your answers.

You can enter a formula in the Column Validation Formula box section to check for valid answers. Clearly describing in the User Message box what the user needs to do to make sure their answer is valid will ensure that all answers are formulated in this way.

Click Next Question to create more questions and continue in that way until you have created all the questions you need.

Once you have finished creating your questions, click Finish.

Under Recent on the Quick Launch you can click on your survey to view it.

Once your survey is created, users will see a “Respond to this Survey” link which they can simply click to launch. You can also send out a link to the survey to users or add an announcement, whichever method works best for you.

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