I recently learned how to create a dropdown list in Excel. I have had a lot of practice with html dropdown lists, but I had never created one, or needed to create on in Excel…until recently.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a dropdown list in Microsoft Excel 2013. In the tutorial I will create a dropdown list for months.

  1. On sheet 2, type all of the months.
  2. Select your 12 months, right click and select Define Name…
    Excel Define Name
  3. In the New Name dialog box, type ‘Months’ in the Name textbox. Select ‘Workbook’ as the Scope. And click OK.
    Excel New Name Dialog Box
  4. On sheet 1, select the cell in which you want to put the Months dropdown box.
    Excel Selected Cell
  5. On the DATA tab, click on the Data Validation button.
    Excel Data Validation
  6. In the Data Validation dialog box, on the Settings tab, under the Allow setting select List. For Source, type ‘=Months’ and click OK.
    Data Validation Dialog Box
  7. You are now have a dropdown list that pulls from our Months list that we created in step 3.
    Excel Months Dropdown
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