SharePoint is a popular way to share and collaborate on documents. It is easy to setup and saves time as a document repository versus having to send out multiple emails to everyone with attached Word documents.

By setting up a Document Library, SharePoint team members can view and access all document files in one easy accessible area.

Once you have created a document in the document library, which you want to share for collaboration with team members, you simply email out the hyperlink.

Any previous versions, changes or updates that are made, along with who edited what and when are all stored in one central place. This allows every team member to easily view all document history and check that they have the latest version.

Creating a document library:

    1. In your Web browser, open up Microsoft SharePoint.
    2. In the top left in the Site Action menu, click New Document Library.

New Document LIbrary

  1. Give your new library a name and description.


  1. Here you can also choose to view the library in the Quick Launch Bar.
  2. Choose if any edits made will create a new version of the document or not (this can be pretty useful).
  3. Choose a default template when New file is selected from the Ribbon within your library (most files types can be stored).
  4. Click Create to enter your New Library.

When you want to add new documents to your newly created library, simply click the Add document link which opens an Upload document window. Find the document you want to upload, and this will be added to your new document library.

If you need to upload multiple documents, simply click the Add document/Upload link and then choose the Upload Multiple Files link. This will open a new window where you can drag and drop files to add them to your library.

upload multiple picture

If you have chosen to store any edited versions of your document, then when you go to upload your new edited version, you can add ‘version comments’ to let your team members know exactly what has been edited.

When any new files have been added, SharePoint will display the words ‘New’ in green beside the newly added document.

There are several useful features you will find with the Document Library, such as:

    • The ability to set email alerts when documents have been amended.
    • ‘Check out’ option which will lock a file while editing with a notification sent to any user attempting to save or edit.
    • Version History – view all document versions in the Version History window which includes the date, time, user upload, comments, doc size and number.
    • Send To option – Allows you to move a document to another library and also allows you to email a link of the document library to a contact. You can also download a copy to work with independently on your computer (this will not be updated to SharePoint).

Creating a Document library helps to keep everyone in the loop and helps to keep business documents organized.

It can be particularly useful for your sales team or accounts team as they can each have their own document area specifically related to their job role. This helps to keep document information organized, categorized and easily accessible to the various team members in each job sector within your business.

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