How Google+ Will Change Everything

The key to SEO is content. It’s not a new idea, but Google is starting to get people thinking about it in new ways.   Having updated, original, and relevant content is the best and fastest way to get you ranked higher in the world of search engine optimization, and that has been a fact since the beginning.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google search results.  That’s why so much time and energy is put into keywords, inbound links, video, social media, etc.  With all of these means of driving traffic to our site, it can be easy to overlook the site itself.  It doesn’t do any good to drive traffic to your site if it’s not the right traffic and it’s not growing your business. Great, you had 10,000 visitors one month; how many of those visitors became leads, opportunities, or customers? How many of those visitors ever returned to your site or shared it with someone else? If this number is low, most likely your website content wasn’t relevant to your visitors. The content is what’s important. Get the right people sharing your site and you will see how quickly the relevant traffic increases and you increase your search ranking.

Knowing that content is the key to good SEO is vital – but how did it get to be all about the content?  Google has dominated shaping the way we create all web content. Everything we create is modified to be extremely relevant, filled with keywords, and linked to ten different widgets for content sharing. We continually alter our strategy to keep Google happy, but just when we become comfortable, they launch Google+.

Google+ is not just a Facebook and Twitter competitor; it’s a site that will forever change SEO and content sharing.  In the past, Google may not have had access to social media sites, but it now directly links to Google+. It was already announced that Google+ links are being taken into account for Google social search. This is just the start – think of the power that Google will have if they include all content being shared via Google+ for businesses and any other site in search rankings. It still stands true that content is key – but it’s because Google said so. The fact of the matter is that Google is king, and whatever they tell us to focus on will rule. It will come to a point when businesses can’t afford not to have a Google+ page, not only for sharing but also for tracking information.  Google could just as easily link Google+ to Google Analytics to help you generate reports on sharing information. Imagine how great this tool could be! The power that Google has is exciting but it is still definitely clear that Google makes the rules when it comes to SEO, and following all of these rules is becoming even more important.

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