Shared spaces in an office are often the first to get untidy, but they can also be a part of the first impression on a client or potential employee! Do yourself and everyone else in your office a favor and keep your conference rooms neat.

Some things to remember:

Clean up after yourself! You’re an adult, throw away your trash, pick up your papers and take your drink with you. You wouldn’t leave them on the table at home, would you? Well, you shouldn’t.

Push in your chair and put away cords. It looks nice and it keeps people from tripping over things.

Erase the whiteboard. Let the next meeting start fresh and attendees record their own ideas. Unless you drew a really great picture, and your art needs appreciation.

Turn off the projector, if you have one. Those bulbs have a finite life and can be expensive!

Turn off the lights. No one’s in there, why bother leaving them on?

Long story short, leave it as you would like to find it! Be kind, please rewind.

The photo above shows how NOT to leave a conference room white board! However, this is in our rec room where our Xbox and Wii are, so we use it to keep track of our standings!

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