Change – it is a simple word, yet it can be terrifying to face.  Change is constant; change is inevitable.  Change happens every day.

One by-product of change, this is often overlooked, is the opportunity to learn and grow.  Change presents new obstacles in our lives.  We might encounter a new business problem that challenges our thinking.  To solve this problem, we may have to change how we think of the problem so that we may create a solution.  I call this learning.   The adage “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got” applies to change.  It is our opportunity to do something different, to change, which propels us to greater heights.

As you are presented with change, I encourage you to embrace it and seek out the opportunity to grow.  You’ll be presented with decisions, and these decisions will require choices.  Therein lays the ability to change.

The other by-product of change, which is not often overlooked, is risk.  With changes comes risk: the bigger the change, the greater the risk.  Have confidence in yourself when presented with this risk.  Change, risk, and the opportunity to grow all work in proportion to each other.

Embrace the change, accept the risk, and enjoy the opportunity.

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