Yes, you read it correctly! You can build a Windows Phone 8 app by using only a web browser. How can you do it? Simply use Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Studio. Windows Phone App Studio is a browser-based app that lets you build apps quickly. This app will help you get your app ideas quickly to life. The app is designed for hobbyist, novice or seasoned developers. The app can even generate source code for Visual Studio for advanced programming features. The site is full of resources so I won’t go in to any details here but enough to get you started.

Simply logon to with your Microsoft Account and follow the instructions to get started. Once your account is set up, you can start from an empty app to use your own creativity and style. You can also start from a list of app templates which will guide you build your app quicker from a previously generated app with sections, data sources structure, sample content, and layout.

Now you are only four steps away to complete your app.

1. App Information


2. Configure App Content


3. Configure App Style


4. Generate


Happy app building!   

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