Behavior… Simply defined as the manner of conductng oneself. What a powerful and simple definition; it’s no wonder, behavior is a leading indicator of success. When working with our sales team, I’m constantly asking them to tell me about their behaviors. How many meetings did you book? How many appointments were you in today? How many calls were made? If you are doing the right behaviors, the behaviors that lead to success, you ultmately will find success.

But what gets in the way? Unfortunately, the obvious choice is oven overlooked. What gets in the way? You. You do. You get in your own way. You prevent success by not doing the right behaviors. Let’s be honest, some days when you come to work, you’re just not on top of your game. You’re not feeling great about yourself, maybe your last appoint blew up, or your code delivery was late, or your child is sick. The list goes on and on. All these things are valid and probably do impact your feelings. But, they shouldn’t impact your behaviors.

Having the ability to set aside the distractions and doing the right behaviors will separate you from the mediocrity that holds you back. The next time you find yourself sitting at your desk, looking at your phone, or waiting to start your day – think of the goals and wants you have in your life – and then go do the behaviors to get them. The only thing holding you back is you.

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