BBM Chat on Android allows users to freely enjoy instant conversations with their contacts. BBM for Android was rumored to be released September 22nd, but so far it is yet to be seen. The reason for the delay seems to be the release of an unofficial version which led to BlackBerry pausing the release. BBM is a popular app and many fans are eagerly awaiting it’s release for Android, with the Android official blog stating “The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first eight hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible.”

BlackBerry BBM app will surely feel the pressure to try to get Android customers to start using this app, because for many users its arrival is just a little too late. With apps such as WhatsApp already now well-established on the market, BBM faces a challenging time ahead if it is to rival other instant messaging apps.

BBM for Android will be free for users running Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.x or higher. If you have used BBM on BlackBerry, then you will be familiar with most of the features in this release for Android. Here are some of the expected features:

BBM mini

  • BBM Chat – Instant chat on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Share Files – Share Photos, files and notes with friends or colleagues.
  • Statuses – Update your statuses along with a short message to let your contacts instantly know if you are available or not. Add a profile picture to be found easily.
  • BBM groups – You can invite up to 30 friends to join in a group chat, allowing everyone to be kept in the loop. This is a great feature to keep work colleagues up-to-date and to share important meeting, schedules and briefs.
  • PIN – Having a unique PIN for every user keeps your privacy secure. PINs allows users to stay in touch with contacts without the need to give out a personal phone number.

BlackBerry has also stated that they are planning to bring video and voice calling to Android in updated versions. We will be waiting to see just how successful this release is as the feeling amongst most users is that BlackBerry BBM for Android is just a little too late arriving to the party.

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