As we approach our 13th anniversary on October 17, I have to smile as I reflect upon our company. From what started in my basement in Broad Ripple to our current offices in Castleton, lots of changes have occurred. Some of these changes have been great, and some, let’s just say, are not as great.

I’ve done a bit of reading on companies and entrepreneurs and the difficulties of balance amongst them. When eimagine began in 1998, we were very unstructured and needless to say, employees wore many, many hats. We lacked systems and processes, but we made up for it with passion and energy. It was an exciting time which taught me some valuable lessons. I learned from a lot of good people, some our own and some not. And from where I sit now, the balance between corporate and entrepreneur needs to shift towards corporate. We need better systems, we need better processes, we need better clarity on direction, we need structure. Characteristics of corporate culture which drove me towards starting eimagine are now characteristics we need in our company. Maybe that need has been there for years, but on our 13 year anniversary, I finally realized it. I think a balance can exist between the two cultures and it’s my goal to find that balance.

Two lessons learned are resolute as we find our balance. One – our people are our best assets. It’s much better to have a “what” problem then a “who” problem. We have done great things guiding and steering our staff, and I know we can do even better moving forward. Two – the speed of business might be the fastest thing I know. In business, speed wins. We have to react and respond quickly to our clients and prospects. An unsolved problem today is solved tomorrow; unfortunately, if it’s not solved by us, it’s solved by our competition.

I’m excited about the road ahead. I’m excited about evolving our entrepreneurial spirit and our corporate culture into a balanced, growing company. We are sure to face new hurdles and obstacles along the way. I hope you enjoy the next 13 years; I wonder, what lessons will be resolute then?

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