I recently read a blog post from Likeable Media titled “Think Before You Tweet” and I thought they had accurately selected their Top 5 Mis-tweets of 2011. Although we don’t all make such large mistakes, it’s surprising to me how often there are mistakes in tweets, particularly those that represent a business or brand.  I’m not saying that full sentences or proper punctuation are needed – you only have 140 characters, who wants to waste them on periods and commas? The truth is though, that some tweets need some sort of punctuation or editing.  When you’re tweeting for a brand you need to be professional, take your time, and edit your tweets! Here are my top 4 mistakes and tweets that I’ve seen time and time again:

Tweet 1: “we just did this great awesome thing!”

Mistake 1: At first this may not seem like a bad thing – you’re sharing an achievement or accomplishment with your followers, but what now? I’ve actually seen this several times just this week. I think once you see it you start noticing it everywhere. The announcement is great, but there’s no link, no other twitter handle or name so that I can learn more. I actually want to click and read more about your company and there’s not even a way to do that. If you want followers to go to your site and interact with your brand, give them a way to do that!

Tweet 2: “article gave new perspective and motivation i need share it with your tweeps http://….”

Mistake 2: It’s great to try to fit everything in 140 characters, but run-on sentences that have to be reread multiple times are just plain annoying to your followers. It looks like you couldn’t fit your tweet and just started deleting things until it did, which is probably the truth. Try to keep phrases short so you can avoid this. Simply rearranging words can help shorten your tweets and make them more easy to read.

Mistake 3: Misspelled words – It’s not the end of the world if you misspell a word every once in a while, but try not to do it in every tweet or multiple times in one tweet. Again, it just looks like you were too busy to edit your tweets and that can make you look lazy, or like you just don’t care. Tweeting for a brand is about relationships and perceptions. You want your followers to see you as being professional either personally or for your business.

Mistake 4: Tweeting the same tweet too many times – Recycling content is a great idea, and it’s fine if you want to retweet something you’ve posted already, but don’t tweet the same post multiple times a day, several days a week, and for months on end. Choose a couple days a week, or once a week for couple weeks, or develop some sort of schedule that restricts you from continually telling your followers the same thing over and over. You might be monitoring twitter multiple times and day and see many new tweets come through, but if your followers just get on a couple times and see your same tweet ten times, they will most likely be annoyed and just ignore it.

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