Although many people are still under the impression that apps are just for gamers and shopaholics, apps specifically geared for businesses are growing in number each day. With the explosion of new media devices, many developers have been creating business apps to help productivity, organization and communication.

Listed below are some beneficial apps to use for business purposes. What other apps can you think of?

For Communication: 

You can now make free calls and video calls with Viber Skype  or Truphone. You can hold conference calls with apps like Free Conference Call  or attend online meetings with your iPad with apps such as GotoMeeting.

For Expenses:

Need to keep track of your receipts? You can now scan them on the go with apps such as Expensify, which allows you to create an expense report and email it from your iPhone.

For Networking:

Having trouble managing all those new business cards from potential client/contacts? You can now use Worldcard Mobile,  which scans your business cards. Also available is CardManager  to help quickly manage those cards without worrying about losing important business contacts.

For Out-of-Office Needs: 

Not in the office but need to send large files?  Not a problem with apps such as Dropbox which allow you to share files across mobile or computer devices. Or maybe you need access to your office computer. With Mocha VNC  or Wyse PocketCloud Pro you can have remote access to your office desktop.

To scan a document when out of the office you can use Genius Scan; and to print it from your iPhone or iPad you can use PrinterShare.

For Travel:

Even while you’re away for business there are many apps to help you.  FlightTrack Pro, a live flight status tracker, gives you live flight up-dates; or GateGuru, which can help you find your way around the airport or to the nearest on-airport Post-office or ATM. TripIt  is also a handy app to keep you organized during your trip.

In Summary:

There are many more Apps out there to help you and your business stay connected and run smoothly. From taking notes or reading iPad custom magazines to organizing a PowerPoint presentation for your Monday morning presentation, there’s an app for that.


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