If you have bought into the Apple bandwagon you for sure know what the home button is.   Have you ever wondered what to do if the Home button broke?  How would you access your apps?  Well luckily Apple has a built in function that will allow a Home button to appear on the screen.  Its a hidden little gem called Assistive Gestures that was introduced in iOS 5.  Assistive Gestures provides a menu overlay that has the Home button option.  But how do you get there you ask?

Well getting there and turning it on is easy.  From the settings screen navigate to the General section


Scroll down and into the Accessibility section.


Now scroll down to the Physical and Motor section and you will see Assistive Touch; turn the function on.


You will now notice a little round image in the upper corner.  This is the Assistive Touch button.  Click the image and you will see in the bottom, Home.


Click here and it acts just like your Home button.  Now until you can get the actual button fixed you have a work around.


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