Android 4.4 Kit Kat is finally here and will be available on devices soon!

So far it has received positive reviews with its improved performance, new features and smooth design. This latest version of Google’s mobile OS will be launched along with the release of the Nexus 5.

Android has really made some exciting changes and some welcomed tweaks with this new release. Here’s some of what to expect:

Performance – First to be addressed is the radical change in spec with Android 4.4 running on just 512MB of Ram! This is to help developers run more memory efficient applications and also allows the option to run Android 4.4 on low–memory devices.

Google Now – Google’s intelligent assistant and search function has a bigger presence within Android 4.4. With just the phrase ‘OK Google’ you will instantly activate the listening feature. This means you can also directly perform searches from the home-screen without tapping any buttons or launching an app. This always listening feature is a nice addition.

Full Screen immersive mode – When you are using an applications or running a game, you can now have a full screen view without any icons visible at all including the battery icon or the notification bar, all are hidden. To reveal the system UI simply swipe from the top or bottom of the screen.

QuickOffice – This has been redesigned to include a function to open and save files on Google Drive or another cloud storage provider or directly to your device.

Bluetooth MAP – Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) is now supported allowing Bluetooth-enabled cars to exchange messages with your device.

Switch between home screens – If you have downloaded various home screen views it is now easy to switch and change in Settings – Home.

Camera – The night-time function has been improved to have a cleaner, sharper image with less noise.

Photo Editor – This area is pretty impressive with more photo editing tools available. Here’s a quick video where you can see some of the photo editing tools that are now included.

Infrared Blaster – Android 4.4 has introduced an infrared blaster feature which allows any Android devices with an infrared (IR) functionality to control various other devices such as stereo devices and HDTV.

Google Cloud Print – Android 4.4 users can now print via Google Cloud Print.  

Audio Playback – Android 4.4 on Nexus 5 uses low-powered audio play-back giving users longer music listening time, up to 60 hours of audio playback.

Caller ID Enhanced – We have all received calls we do not recognize and have ignored them. However, Android KitKat will now search local listings from Google Maps to try to retrieve Caller ID information. This is useful when friends or relatives are calling from a different number, for example, from work.

Several manufactures have stated they will be updating their devices with Android 4.4 KitKat within the coming weeks, such as HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

More news on which devices Android KitKat will be available for is coming in slowly. We do know Android 4.4 will be available on the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 and of course 5, although it will not be available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 

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