Meet Andrew Corrington

Vice President, Technical Services


Most employees at eimagine have the same thing to say about role and why they enjoy their job so much:  They get to wear many hats, work on a lot of cool and fun projects, and the culture is amazing!

Andrew Corrington, Vice President, Technical Services at eimagine feels the same way. Andrew oversees the direction and technology that eimagine uses internally and helps the technical services team guide and direct the architecture.  Part of his job also includes exploring upcoming technology like the HoloLens and evaluating new technologies that we could use internally and potentially with clients.

Andrew was the first full-time employee when he started at eimagine in 2003.  As the company has grown, so have his role and responsibilities. Favorite success stories from a seasoned veteran? Certainly the longevity service to Federal Government projects, including RMT.  Andrew and his team have developed an excellent process for retaining knowledge and sharing knowledge through all their projects to maintain a high quality of work. The Army has kept its relationship with eimagine now for years because of the team’s recipe for success.

On working at eimagine,  “eimagine gives a lot of thought to making sure that the employees, not just the leadership, but all employees are given opportunities to excel beyond what their current level is.  We are all given the ability to learn something new, be challenged in new technology.  Plus, a lot of thought is given to employee engagement.”

He believes that it is critical for companies to explore how technology can better improve and augment work processes.

Andrew graduated from Purdue, West Lafayette campus where he studied computer information systems technologies.  In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars, board games with friends and volunteering with FIRST, a world-wide reaching organization focusing on the recognition of science and technology and STEM education.


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