Microsoft’s latest version of SQL Server brings with it a number of badly needed features and amenities. Many large companies are already eagerly switching over to this program and it is not long before many small businesses and entrepreneurs do the same. Following is an overview of the new features that this program provides, as well as information on how to download a free trial version.

SQL Server 2014 – New Features and Amenities

SQL Server 2014 CTP 2 has enhanced in-memory OLTP, new tools that make it easy to identify and migrate tables, greater T-SQL compatibility, high availability for in-memory OLTP databases and IO resource governance. It is faster and more resilient than older versions and provides better fault detection and downtime recovery features.

Those who are already using Windows Azure will be pleased to know that SQL Server 2014 runs very well with this operating system. The server offers new hybrid cloud capabilities, including 16TB storage, backend database streaming and managed and encrypted backup options to both Azure and other devices. The new SQL Server also has a simplified UI, enabling even individuals who are not particularly computer savvy to take advantage of the program’s cost effective data protection and disaster recovery features.

A preview of the full featured program can be downloaded free from Microsoft and utilized until the end of March 2014. This long period of free access makes it easy for companies and individuals who are interested in SQL Server 2014 to see if the program meets their needs. Microsoft has yet to announce the final price for the program but is set to do so shortly.

Various technology experts agree that Microsoft has gotten this program right in every sense of the word. SQL Server 2014 is fairly easy to use, stores and recovers data in a secure manner, is faster than previous versions and makes it easier to organize and sort information. What is more, the program can be run from the cloud, enabling individuals to access important information without needing to be sitting in front of the office computer.

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